#Social Sunday

July 16, 2006: social media giant twitter was launched. In the 11 years since, so much has changed. 

Digital technology is all around us, heads are down on the bus, trams & trains and families are not talking at dinner – at home or even at a restaurant – so lets celebrate moderate use of the amazing free technology with some old fashioned social interaction: real people, real places, real connections. 

We’re not saying don’t use social media, but use it in moderation. Enjoy life and ‘be present’ at whatever you chose to do this Sunday. 

Don’t be entirely behind a screen.

Touch, feel, smell, hold and listen to the Market. Donuts. 100 year old newspapers. Toys from the 1970’s. Plants, flowers, soap, clothes, buskers – music. People. Real people.

🎗 The Toolman

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After 40 years of running the iconic Camberwell Sunday Market, on June 11, 2017,  we suffered the great loss of one of our popular stall holders.

Paul Anastasiadas (The Toolman) suffered a fatal heart attack.at 6am as the Market was getting started. Our condolences go to Paul’s family and in particular his grandson who was in attendance.

We are very proud of the Sunday Market’s supporting team of 10 Rotarians ably lead by Stephen Dowling (Balwyn) and our Market Manager Paul Myers, who together with the Police, MFB and Ambulance crews handled the situation in a professional and caring manner.

Rotary Club of Balwyn

National Reconciliation Week 2017

It is National Reconciliation Week, May 27 – June 3rd, 2017.

Did you know that funds from Market provide an annual scholarship the Balwyn Rotary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarship?

Learn more about the scholarship: https://shar.es/1Rrp2U

This year is a significant year because it is 50 years since the 1967 Referendum & 25 years since the Mabo decision.

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