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We will be open every Sunday until two weeks before Christmas 2021 and subject to Covid19 health restrictions.

For updates and other news, please read our Blog.


Vintage. Retro. Antique. Collectibles. Hot jam donuts.

Welcome to Camberwell Sunday Market, a second hand goods and craft market held every Sunday morning (except for the Sunday prior to Christmas Day). The market was created by Balwyn Rotary in 1976 to fund a wide range of charitable causes. The Market is now an iconic part of weekends in Melbourne. Enjoy!


Camberwell Town Hall


Free all day car parking is available for those visiting the Market on Inglesby Road opposite the Local council offices – only a 5 minute walk back to the Market.

Retro • Antique • Collectibles • Vintage • Craft • Music • Fashion • Food • Flea Market

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