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SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITYNepal Earthquake Fundraiser 2015
In her book “Sunday Service” Leah Annetta wrote “Most of us drop our gold coin into the yellow cup, get a cheery greeting from a Rotary volunteer and plough headlong into the Market on the trail of whatever takes our fancy. Few realise the ambitious charitable causes that these coins have funded over the past three decades”.

To highlight the vast scope of work done by Rotary, we have summarised below the areas where funding is directed and have listed projects funded by the Balwyn Rotary during the past year. Since 1976 the Market has funded over $14 million to charitable causes.


A.    Boroondara Community Strengthening Grants
See details below relating to criteria
B.   Local Community Service projects such as Box Hill Miniature Railway; Eastern Emergency Relief and Violence Free Families 20%
C. Youth Development Grants such as Rotary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarships; Secondary School Public Speaking Competition and National Youth Science Forums 15%
D. International Projects such as Timor Leste programs, New Zealand Earthquake Rebuilding; Nepal Earthquake Relief and Polio Eradication. 20%
E. Medical Research and Equipment Grants such as Australian Rotary Health; Box Hill Hospital; Cystic Fibrosis and Walter & Eliza Hall Institute. 10%

All projects assessed by the Balwyn Rotary are subject to a rigorous appraisal process to ensure consistency in approach.

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