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Discover sustainable fashion at Camberwell

Australians are in the grip of a toxic relationship with fast fashion. Fashion is a great way to express our personalities to the world – and fast fashion is a cheap and easy way to update our looks. Yet fast fashion also comes at a huge cost to the environment.

It has resulted in what’s known as the sustainable fashion movement; a movement that’s being embraced by Camberwell Junction.

Every piece of clothing manufactured has a huge environmental impact. Fast fashion is often produced overseas, in countries that have low environmental standards. A large amount of energy and water goes into its production, and additional carbon is emitted transporting it into Australia and to stores.

Fast fashion is not made to last, which means we buy more of it, more often, exacerbating the problem. Then, the items are sent to landfill, creating another environmental issue.

It’s estimated that every year every Australian acquires and throws out 23 kilograms of clothing and textiles. Ninety per cent of this ends up in landfill.

So bad is fast fashion to the environment that recently clothing textile waste was added to the National Priority Waste List alongside electronics, and plastic oil containers.

The good news is, at Camberwell’s Rotary Sunday Market and the Camberwell Junction shopping precinct, you can still indulge your love of fashion and also be part of the sustainable solution.

Here’s how.

Meet stallholder David Hauswirth and Camberwell Junction trader Tanya Gale

When it comes to antiques, there is no better place to find a rare gem or unique treasure than Camberwell Junction.

Whether you’re hunting the stalls at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market for a pre-loved treasure or searching the shelves at Camberwell Antique Centre, there are plenty of incredible items to be found, often with fascinating stories attached to them.

Meet Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market stallholder David Hauswirth

He has been trading from his famous antiques stall at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market for more than 15 years, so you could say David Hauswirth knows a thing or two when it comes to collector’s items.

Learn more about stallholder David Hauswirth and Camberwell Junction trader Tanya Gale.

Camberwell Camera Club Photo Booth

As a part of Camberwell Camera Club’s tradition, the Club will be setting up a Photo Booth at the Camberwell Market on Sunday, 10th of July. Please come visit their Photo Booth, get your picture taken and invite your family and friends! The booth will be situated on the western side of the Market, behind the ANZ Bank and will operate from 9.00 am to 11.00 am. As in previous years, there will be no charge for the photos.

This will be the 7th year of the Camberwell Camera Club (CCC) organising a photoshoot. On average the CCC photograph 50-55 groups of people over a Sunday (individuals, families, groups of friends) with a number of photos for each group. It is estimated that over the years the Club have taken about over 1,000 photos.

What is the secret to capturing a perfect portrait?
“To capture the character of the model or, in case of family groups, the relationship within the group such a parents’ love of the child and the child love of parents.

The CCC provides this as a service to the local community. Members of Club donate their time and expertise at no cost to the persons photographed.

The most satisfying part for photographers is that the same people come year after year and that they enjoy the atmosphere of the activity and appreciate the end result.

Many club members have had individual exhibitions or taken part in group photographic exhibitions. Quite a few CCC members received local (Australian) and international awards for their work.

Portraits shown are from prior Market photo booths, courtesy of the CCC.

You can follow the CCC on both Facebook and Instagram.

We are open through the holidays

Rotary’s Camberwell Sunday Market will be open as usual right through the April school holidays.

We’re open as usual on Easter Sunday and over the ANZAC Day long weekend.

Meet the Easter Bunny this Sunday, April 10. The Easter Bunny and his fairy friend will visit the Camberwell Sunday Market to hand out free chocolates April 10 from 10am – 1pm. Details:

We’ll be open as usual on Easter Sunday, April 17, and Sunday, April 24, from 7am to 12:30pm.

Public Assembly at the market

Meet Camberwell Sunday Market regulars Lynda and Ceri from Public Assembly.

You will recognise their spotted old Bedford truck near the entrance to the market. They love what they do and recycle, repurpose and reuse discarded plastic toys and other items.

Have a special little plastic toy or ornament that you can’t let go of but can’t find a good purpose for? Meet Public Assembly: your item can be turned into a unique key ring, necklace or earrings!

Don’t have your own item to work with? No problem. There are a million items to chose from at the market and the old Bedford is loaded with barrels of old toys and bits and pieces to choose from.

When at the market, Lynda and Ceri focus on ‘micro’ projects that bring joy to market goers, especially children. At other times they undertake larger scale public art works that engage with the local community.

Find out more at