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Fun Facts about Camberwell Sunday Market

Since 1976, the weekly market has been luring patrons with vintage trinkets, knickknacks, and hot jam donuts. Founded by Balwyn Rotary, the market started with 48 stalls, and it has since grown to almost 400, with stallholders waiting weeks to secure a spot at the market. Treasure hunters can comb through second-hand clothes and records, antique toys, jewellery, artwork, keepsakes and a variety odds and ends from dawn until midday in search of rare gems. We will be posting eight facts about the Camberwell Sunday Market over this weekend! Stay tuned, more fun facts to come!

Originally posted in The Culture Trip by Monique La Terra.

Thank you

♻️ Thank you Rotary Volunteers for running the Camberwell Sunday Market! Over four decades the Market has earned a special place in the heart of Melbourians and thousands of tourists and serious collectors.

As an original social enterprise, the Market not only provides a unique public venue to recycle, repurpose and reuse old world treasures, it facilitates recycling of the latest & retro fashion, while raise enormous amounts for worthy causes in Australia and around the world.

Thank you to the stall holder who pack their treasures every week, assemble before sunrise and offer millions of items from the past and present fabric of Melbourne society.

And we thank the general public for the love and generosity you show every week – coming together as a community, for enjoyment, and in the process bringing to life something truely unique – the Camberwell Sunday Market.

We are open on Easter Sunday

Yes we’re open Easter Sunday! Thanks to you, the Sunday Market can contribute to hundreds of charities, worthy causes and Rotary Projects through gold coin donations and stall holder fees.

Plus, we are one of biggest community events to help people re-sell, repurpose & reuse second hand items. So whether you want clothing or collectibles. or just a different way to have fun & maybe discover a treasure – why not join us any Sunday? You will help us do good and you’ll feel good!

#Social Sunday

July 16, 2006: social media giant twitter was launched. In the 11 years since, so much has changed.

Digital technology is all around us, heads are down on the bus, trams & trains and families are not talking at dinner – at home or even at a restaurant – so lets celebrate moderate use of the amazing free technology with some old fashioned social interaction: real people, real places, real connections.

We’re not saying don’t use social media, but use it in moderation. Enjoy life and ‘be present’ at whatever you chose to do this Sunday.

Don’t be entirely behind a screen.

Touch, feel, smell, hold and listen to the Market. Donuts. 100 year old newspapers. Toys from the 1970’s. Plants, flowers, soap, clothes, buskers – music. People. Real people.

Join us Easter Sunday morning and help raise funds for great causes and charities

‪Join us Easter Sunday morning from 6:30am. Camberwell Sunday Market is a great way to help the community and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Donations: Over 40 years, gold coin donations and fees from stall stall holders have raised millions of dollars for those in need and worthy causes. Each stall holder and all visitors have contributed to both Australian and international humanitarian projects.

Spending a Sunday morning at the Market helps local projects:

  • From the Boroondara Literary Awards, to specialists emergency room training facilities at Box Hill Hospital and supporting the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway – for kids of all ages. Rotary runs a day especially for special needs children and their families;
  • Market proceeds have supported important medical research, recovery aid for devastated earthquake areas and provided scholarships for Indigenous Australians. And that is some of the work you support by visiting the Market!

Recycling: While the term ‘soc-ent” has become popular over the last few years, we have been operating as an original ‘social enterprise’ for over 40 years. We provide a meeting place for environmentally responsible recycling of goods that may otherwise be lost through time.

Community: Over the decade, the Sunday Market has become a weekly part of many people’s lives. Once children and adults bringing their own children, the character and atmosphere has made the Camberwell Sunday Market an intimate, unique and iconic part of weekends in Melbourne.

🥁 Music

🌭 Hot food

⛽️ #Retro stuff

🎙 Antiques

🏺 Collectibles

👠 Fashion

🚂 Vintage

🖼 Art & #craft

🚀 Memorabilia

🎛 Mancave Stuff

🗜 Old Tools

🐩 Dogs allowed

🐇 Open Easter

⏰ Sundays 6:30am – 12:30pm!

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