Made in Australia: Telematic New System Telephones!

Telematic New System Telephones Pty Ltd – The Guarantee of Quality & Efficiency!

Friday was the end of an era in Australian auto manufacturing with the last Ford Falcon, the last Ford, to be made in Australia after 91 years.

How things change over time and this is reflected by the treasures that can be be found at the Camberwell Market in different industries from cars to communications, Australia, “The Empire” and beyond.

In telecommunications, the first telegram in the Southern Hemisphere was sent from Melbourne (now the south west corner of the Supreme Court of Victoria building) to Williamstown in 1854. When the line was extended to Geelong  later that year, the first telegraph was said to have informed Melbourne of the Eureka Stockade.

You can find historic, antique and collectibles for specialty collections or retro home furnishings or decor.

This “Australian made” telephone is wooden,  hinged and has an interesting feature of a copper covering piece for the handset microphone.

These days it would be hard to find an Australian made telephone anywhere. Search long and often enough, you will be amazed at what you can discover at Camberwell on a Sunday. The amount of old telecommunications, tools, instruments and relics you can find is surprising.

Soon you will be able to find treasures from the ‘old days’ when cars were manufactured in Australia and you could purchase a new Ford Falcon.

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