The end is near for many a cherished piano

We came across this old piano that was donated to student association in 1939 at the start of #WW2. Still used today, a student was belting out a tune on from the well worn, perhaps event abused, artificial ivory key board.

Once an amazing piece community, in the home, the pub or the club, piano’s shipped from all over the world entertained millions of Australians since the earliest Colonial days. Today some visually beautiful pianos can never be retuned and a large number head for landfill.

The size, weight and the inability to be re-tuned make many impractical to keep. And they are too heavy to bring to Camberwell Market for saving as an ornamental piece.

So if you see an old piano, take a good look at it, we may rarely see these beautiful cornerstones of the community in the future.

We can’t all the magnificent pianos of old Melbourne, but every week we save tens of thousands of unique, vintage and collectible items from landfill.

The Camberwell Sunday Market has been a Melbourne weekend traditional for over 40 years. Join us to discover a treasure, a cause & Camberwrll: every Sunday 6:30am to 12:30pm.