All is well at the Palace, the (Dancing) Queen is alive and well

8PM EMERGENCY MEETING: The Palace Minor at Camberwell can confirm The Prince & The Queen are very much alive and well.

We apologise for causing an international social media meltdown. You will definitely be able to find Prince & Queen in some form at the Camberwell Market.

You should be able to find Royal Tour memorabilia, books, toys, souvenirs, even toy Palaces’, toy soldiers and commemorate crockery dating back to before #WW1.

How can we be sure? Every week, hundreds of thousands of unique items are assembled at Camberwell and sellers inevitably will have these items.

Be that a Dancing Queen, this weekend, or next Sunday, the unexpected is always discovered at the Camberwell Sunday Market. Join us, 6:30 – 12:30pm every Sunday!

All the items pictured have been sold at the Market!

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