Happy New Year

Goodbye 2020, a year when we rediscovered how much we all valued a little slice of life on a Sunday mornings. 2020 was a year that well go down in history and go with good riddance. Bring on 2021!

Amid this stormy year, that started with a bushfire disaster and ends with rays of hope, let’s be thankful for our wonderful market community. We have had it tough but the market is back and every week we are back raising thousands of dollars for charities, worthy projects and causes that strengthen the community that we are.

Images: Michal Simson

As we raised funds for the bushfire relief effort at the start of 2020, we are now back raising funds to support life in very a different world, with people in need like we’ve never seen it before.

From 1976 we have been in continuous operation, with no unscheduled closures in over 40 years the 2020 COVID lockdown.

But we are back. We’re all back, our community is strong and by doing what we love (fossicking through millions of unique, retro, recycled and handmade goods), we’re raising funds for Rotary and the needs of today.

2021 will hopefully be trouble free, and our thoughts are with Sydney as their lockdown grows, but we have been here before: we know we can come back. We know how important the Camberwell Sunday Market is to people far and wide.

So let’s say goodbye to 2020 and know that our market community is so much more than a ‘market.’ Collectively we set an example of resilience, of a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change:

  • we care for the environment by recycling – providing a venue for buyers and sellers to come together and find each other.
  • we provide low cost, recycled, repurposed or reused clothing and household items.
  • we bring a diverse community of sellers, artists, collectors, regulars and visitors together – providing a local and traditional gathering place
  • we raise thousands of dollars for an incredible array of charities, projects and causes each time meet.

Together we create something special. Something good. Something that will be back, even if we need to stop again at some point in the next year. We will just restart again. Because we can, because we will.

As a volunteer. As a permanent stall holder or a single time seller, As a one time visitor or a devoted Camberwell market shopper. You might come from a family where ‘Camberwell’ is in your blood and attended with your grandparents – and now you might bring your own children. You may buy flowers here every week or occasionally crave a hot jam donut; there is nothing like it.

Everyone contributes. No matter how big, or how small, only together can we create that special place and time. You are that ray of hope. And it is only together we will continue to do great things.

Happy New Year! See you on Sunday.