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Global recycling day

Celebrating Global Recycling Day – thank you for being part of our community that has been recycling secondhand goods for 45 years! We are proud to have provided that special space, place and time each Sunday where anyone has the opportunity to sell their good and anyone, from anywhere, has the opportunity to purchase used items and handmade arcticles, often made themselves from recycled materials.

In the process of providing a regular weekly forum for recycling household and other goods, we’ve raised millions of dollars for charities and worthy causes along the way… and had a heck of a wonderful time in the process.

Who would have thought recycling, helping the planet, reducing waste, ‘saving’ a 30 year old toy, vase or magazine from landfill would created something bigger than itself. Together, everyone makes Sunday Market special – more than just recycling – it’s a community that exists for that one moment in time every Sunday, where we enjoy it so much, we even forget we are recycling. We are preventing landfill. We saving pieces of history. We are raising money for those in need. We love recycling so much we don’t even know we do it anymore!

Thank you for making such an important part of a sustainable world so much fun! Hope to see you Sunday!

Discover flora at Camberwell

Yes we are open Sunday 7 February 2021.

Join us for a COVIDSafe Sunday morning by ensuring you wear a mask at all times when in the Market area. Help us protect our market and community by following our COVIDSafe Plan:

• If you are sick, do not come to the market
• if you have been travelling overseas/interstate, or have been in contact with a COVID19 virus, within the last 14 days, do not come to the market
• Wear a face mask at all times
• Scan our QRcode to record your date and time of visiting
• Maintain 1.5m physical distancing
“ Visits are now limited to 90 mines
• Use had sanitiser & maintains hygenie (e.g. cough into your elbow, wash your hands, etc)
• Look for price tags on items to avoid getting too close to stalls
• Follow instructions from the caravan PA, Rotary volunteers and our COVID-19 Marshals

8 Facts About The Camberwell Market

Since 1976, the weekly market has been luring patrons with vintage trinkets, knickknacks, and hot jam donuts. Founded by Balwyn Rotary, the market started with 48 stalls, and it has since grown to almost 400, with stallholders waiting weeks to secure a spot at the market. Treasure hunters can comb through second-hand clothes and records, antique toys, jewellery, artwork, keepsakes and a variety odds and ends from dawn until midday in search of rare gems. In celebration of this milestone, here are eight facts about the Camberwell Market.

Early Birds

The market starts at the wee hour of 6:30 am, with dedicated early bird treasure hunters known as ‘The Torch Brigade’ arriving even earlier. Equipped with headlights and torches, the most dedicated will scour stalls before stallholders have finished unpacking.

Photo courtesy the Camberwell Camera Club


Pay a visit to the Camberwell Market and you may just rub shoulders with television and film costume designers who have been known to scour the racks in search of period costumes. Boasting an impressive and ever-changing collection of vintage clothes, the market is often the first stop for designers seeking an authentic look.

Treasure Trove

Occasionally, one person’s trash really can become another person’s treasure, and at the Camberwell Market, you might just get more than what you bargained and haggled for. In the early 1990s, a painting was bought for $25 and resold for $12,000. Years later, a canoe ornament from the Solomon Islands was purchased for several hundred dollars, only to be sold in New York for several thousand. In 2002, one lucky buyer bought five dolls, only to find out later that they were rare fertility dolls from Papua New Guinea, and within a few days, they were sold to a French art dealer, and soon after to another European dealer.


The Rotary Club supports buskers so much that after the death of local saxophone player Neil Whitford in 2006, they immortalised him and his little grey poodle, Benjamin, with a bronze plaque. Rain, hail or shine, the pair entertained crowds at the Camberwell Market for more than 20 years.

Photo courtesy the Camberwell Camera Club

Kylie’s Hot Pants

Kylie Minogue’s ‘gay husband,’ long-time friend and stylist William Baker, is said to have picked up the infamous gold hot pants from the Camberwell Market for 50 pence. The hot pants became one of Kylie’s most iconic looks after she wore them in the music video for ‘Spinning Around’ in 2000. Kylie Minogue is originally from Camberwell, so this rumour could very well be true.

The Love Market

In 2001, two regular stallholders, Josephine Healy and Chris Poole, met, fell in love and were married at the market. One sold homemade bowties, the other novelty garden gnomes. The Rotary Club booked the couple a marquee, which they arrived at in a vintage car as a choir sang over the usual Sunday market noise. In August this year, the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary.

Photo courtesy the Camberwell Camera Club


Founded in 1976, the Camberwell Market was created by Balwyn Rotary to fund a wide range of community and humanitarian charity groups, and in 40 years, they have raised $15 million.* Among the charitable causes are Boroondara Community Strengthening Grants; local projects including Eastern Emergency Relief and Violence Free Families; Youth Development Grants such as Rotary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarships, Secondary School Public Speaking Competition and National Youth Science Forums; international projects like Timor-Leste programs, New Zealand Earthquake Rebuilding, Nepal Earthquake Relief and Polio Eradication; and medical organisations including Australian Rotary Health, Box Hill Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis and Walter & Eliza Hall Institute.

Photo courtesy the Camberwell Camera Club. *$15m raised at time of 40th anniversary in 2016.


No matter where you seem to go, parking in Melbourne is seemingly non-existent with time limits and permits around every corner, but at the Camberwell Market, you’ll find free all-day parking only five minutes away on Inglesby Road, opposite the local council offices – as if anyone needed another reason to love the market.

Photo courtesy the Camberwell Camera Club

Originally published by Monique La Terra as “8 Facts About The Camberwell Market In Celebration Of Their 40th Anniversary” on Culture Trip in 2016.

Check-in this Sunday!

13 December 2020 is our last market day before Christmas, so check-in this weekend or it will 27 December 2020 before your next opportunity to join us.

When you check-in to the Camberwell Sunday Market this weekend, check-in also using the Victorian Government QR code. You may have seen the QR code system in use at other venues in Camberwell and around Melbourne.

Use of the QR code at the market is voluntary, free, secure and easy to use. Simply point your smart phone at the square QR code and follow the instructions to record your first name and phone number. The date and time you attended will be recorded to secure database and deleted in the event of not being needed.

For the safety of the whole market community, our COVIDSafe Plan is still place. All visitors to the market are still required to:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Limit visits to 90 minutes
  • Maintain 1.5m physical distancing
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry

More casual stalls available

All stalls are now SOLD OUT until April 2021. The booking systen can be monitored for occasional cancelations that will appear.

Sellers: more stalls have just been released for December 2020 out to March 2021!

Camberwell Market will be back in action on Sunday, December 6th, 2020, and the last batch of casual stalls have just been released on our booking system. Good luck sellers! Be quick, there is heavy demand. Most casual stalls are in February and March, several in December and January.

Entry to the Market as a seller or patron is conditional on you complying with our COVIDSafe Plan, as approved by Council, and available on our website.

Most importantly, entry will require:

• The wearing of a face mask
• Visitors are limited to 90 minutes
• Maintain 1.5 metres distance from others
• Hand sanitising on entry

• Will the market be open this weekend? Yes, the Market will be open December 6th, 2020.

• Will the market be open the next weekend? YES! The market will be open to the public from 7am – 12:30pm every Sunday from Sunday December 6th, 2020 (except 20/12/2020).

• Can I book a stall? YES! But hurry, the stall booking system reopened today with staggered release dates from Dec – March.

• How can I possibly maintain 1.5m distant from others at the Market? See more details in our COVIDSafe Plan on our website. Information will be on our website, at the Caravan and signage on Sundays.