Welcome to the new Sunday Market website!

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Welcome to our new website! You are going to start seeing more changes around Rotary’s Camberwell Sunday Market soon.

You will have already seen we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts you can follow. If not, you can see them to the right of the screen on large screens or at the bottom of the page on smaller devices like mobile phones. We are very excited about the changes, so please check out our social media accounts and ‘check-in’ on your favourite social media.

Stall holders will also notice that to access the booking system, a new button appears on this website to you can press to quickly look for available stall sites. Thank you for you support as we have made the background IT changes to link the stall site booking system to this page, but most of all, thank you for your support of Rotary’s Sunday Market. It is a part of Camberwell and a part of Melbourne!

We are getting social!

Did you know you can connect with Rotary’s Camberwell Sunday Market in many different ways.
Our new social media channels now up and running are Facebook and Twitter. You can click on the logos below to find us.


You can see the types of post that we make on Facebook or tweets on this website blog also, to the right of the screen on a traditional monitor. If you are viewing this on a mobile device, you may find that Facebook and Twitter are located to underneath the main content.

A blog is a form of social media also. So please connect with us!

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