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His Master’s Voice

Oh the tales this label could tell! This one record was manufactured in England, sold in Malta & turned up here is Australia. His Master’s Voice was the name of painting that was completed in the late 1800s.

The painting’s name and an adaption of the original is still an iconic brand today. The artist inherited the dog and a cylinder phonograph with recordings from his deceased brother. ‘Nipper’, the dog, is said to have shown a peculiar fascination in the horn of the phonograph machine when recordings of his dead master were played. This inspired the painting that was later offered to various cylinder phonograph manufacturers, without any interest.

It was the makers of a different machine, the gramophone, that saw the potential and asked for the phonograph to be repainted as wind up disc gramophone. Thus, with the stroke of a pen & fresh brush of paint, a brand was in 1899 and continues today in various forms worldwide.

Despite many transformations over the years and more recent financial difficulties, HMV has an imposing presence in Melbourne’s old GPO in the CBD’s retail fashion shopping district at the Bourke Street Mall… an iconic location for an iconic brand in its 120th year.

A guide to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market

The buzz of a busy market creates a shopping experience like no other – a mix of curious browsing among the unfamiliar and the thrilling anticipation of finding something wonderful.

And that potent combination is enjoyed by about 7000 people every week at the iconic Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Founded in 1976 by Balwyn Rotary to fund various charitable projects, the market now offers about 370 delightful stalls and is a magnet for collectors, vintage connoisseurs and bargain hunters.

Discover a treasure

Whatever you love you are likely to find it at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

Comb through pre-loved clothes, second-hand knickknacks and records, antique toys, jewellery, beautiful old trinkets and, of course, craft stalls full of original creations. 

Keen lovers of vintage fashion come from across Melbourne to snap up that must-have piece, and rumour has it that TV and film designers trawl the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market for authentic items of days gone by. 

If collectibles are your thing, make the stroll through the hundreds of stalls a voyage of discovery.

Among the mix of stall holders are many collectors who sell glorious gems waiting to be found by keen shoppers. 

And when all that browsing and spending makes you hungry, just follow the irresistible aroma to the hot jam donuts van. The warm, sweet treat has become synonymous with the market. 

Since you are likely to spend quite a few hours at the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market, it’s worth noting that there are public toilets on Station St, below the multi-level car park, and inside The Well shopping centre, accessible via Burke Rd.

Discover a cause

Gain entry to all that treasure at Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market with the simple toss of a gold coin.

But as you do, remember that what might be a small dollar amount to you adds up through the course of the day, and the year.

Over the years, those gold coin donations have been used to great effect in communities both locally in Australia and abroad.

More than $14 million has been raised since 1976 to support charities like the Eastern Emergency Relief, Box Hill Hospital, Violence Free Families, New Zealand Earthquake Rebuilding and so much more.

Discover Camberwell

Your trip to Camberwell doesn’t have to be limited to the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market. Why not make a day of it and explore the wider shopping precinct while you’re visiting?

If you aren’t a member of the ‘torch brigade’, which includes people who scan the stalls before first light, you could go grab breakfast or a coffee at a Camberwell cafe first. 

Or, begin your day by leisurely trawling the stalls and then enjoying lunch in one of the many wonderful restaurants or boutique eateries in the Camberwell precinct.

Those looking to enjoy a post-market wind down can head to a chic bar to enjoy an afternoon beer, wine or cocktail. Alternatively, you may want to sit back and enjoy a film at the Rivoli – Camberwell’s renowned art deco cinema.

To continue your Sunday shopping outing, there are plenty of great finds just beyond the Rotary Camberwell Sunday Market.

The Camberwell shopping precinct is a dream, offering antiques, jewellery, hair and beauty salons and stylish fashion boutiques – all of which will perfectly complement your market finds.

This article also appears on the Camberwell Shopping website.

Sugar pop slime

Melbourne’s Camberwell Sunday Market has always been a place driven by passion, ideas and entrepreneurship – from young to young at heart.

Many of our thousands of visitors each week find unique and special items to use in their own projects, be that works of art at home or an exciting idea for a micro business.

This budding entrepreneur had stall 309. While anyone could make slime, how many actually take the time to get all the ingredients to keep their kids entertained for hours?

‘Sugar pop slime’ taps into this this need and makes it simple and easy for people to enjoy the pleasures of slime!

The great thing about a stall at the Market is the variety of sellers and visitors. In a few hours you can quickly discover the ‘market value’ of arts, crafts and handmade goods and test your entrepreneurial ideas with customers. Drop by stall 309 to get slimed today, December 2nd, 2018.

Thank you

♻️ Thank you Rotary Volunteers for running the Camberwell Sunday Market! Over four decades the Market has earned a special place in the heart of Melbourians and thousands of tourists and serious collectors.

As an original social enterprise, the Market not only provides a unique public venue to recycle, repurpose and reuse old world treasures, it facilitates recycling of the latest & retro fashion, while raise enormous amounts for worthy causes in Australia and around the world.

Thank you to the stall holder who pack their treasures every week, assemble before sunrise and offer millions of items from the past and present fabric of Melbourne society.

And we thank the general public for the love and generosity you show every week – coming together as a community, for enjoyment, and in the process bringing to life something truely unique – the Camberwell Sunday Market.

We are open on Easter Sunday

Yes we’re open Easter Sunday! Thanks to you, the Sunday Market can contribute to hundreds of charities, worthy causes and Rotary Projects through gold coin donations and stall holder fees.

Plus, we are one of biggest community events to help people re-sell, repurpose & reuse second hand items. So whether you want clothing or collectibles. or just a different way to have fun & maybe discover a treasure – why not join us any Sunday? You will help us do good and you’ll feel good!