Sugar pop slime

Melbourne’s Camberwell Sunday Market has always been a place driven by passion, ideas and entrepreneurship – from young to young at heart.

Many of our thousands of visitors each week find unique and special items to use in their own projects, be that works of art at home or an exciting idea for a micro business.

This budding entrepreneur had stall 309. While anyone could make slime, how many actually take the time to get all the ingredients to keep their kids entertained for hours?

‘Sugar pop slime’ taps into this this need and makes it simple and easy for people to enjoy the pleasures of slime!

The great thing about a stall at the Market is the variety of sellers and visitors. In a few hours you can quickly discover the ‘market value’ of arts, crafts and handmade goods and test your entrepreneurial ideas with customers. Drop by stall 309 to get slimed today, December 2nd, 2018.