RIP Prince Phillip

‘Nostalgia is often a word used by visitors when describing the Sunday Market. It something different for everyone visiting, but it is a powerful feeling, a happy feeling, and we are glad to bring people together find that little piece of ‘nostalgia’, often when they least expect it.

Often sovereigns of a Royal visit, wedding, birth and other event can be found. Like all discoveries at the market, there can be a hidden surprise, something a little extra, hidden in the treasurers you discover. As we reflect on the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh – a public figure that has been a constant in everyone’s life – it reminded us of one piece of ‘nostalgia’ that was hidden in a $1 book ‘The Coronation Album’ of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. Hidden in the middle pages was a near new 1954 Royal Visit Souvenir presented to school children by the Commonwealth Government. What a bonus for a $1 purchase! What a mind blowing itinerary for the young couple. Nostalgia. Priceless. Rest In Peace Prince Philip, you will be missed by millions.